Strategy Options

Strategy Options

Strategy Options are the customizable preferences for Battle.

Selecting 'Caps' for an option will allow you to toggle the feature on and off using the Caps Lock key.

Shooting Range will show a ring around your Archers, demonstrating their maximum firing range.

Unit Flags will show a banner denoting Arms above each unit.

Unit Silhouettes will highlight your troops with a blue ring at the base of each model, and a red ring around enemies.

Highlighted Arrows will make arrows much more visible during their flight.

Transparent Forest will turn patches of forest transparent where a unit is standing.

Trail will display the paths all your moving units are taking, regardless of if they're selected or not.

Hero Markers is similar to Unit Flags, in that it will display an extra banner over your Heroes.

Show Momentum will add an extra vertical bar over your Cavalry units, showing you how much momentum they've gathered.

Selection Circles

Hiding Area

Fire At Will At Start

Unit Behaviour At Start