Morality Chart

The Morality chart of a player who is moderately Rightful, and irreligious.

Morality is the amalgamation of Faith – that can move along the axis of Faith (between the poles of Old Faith and Christianity) – and Virtue (somewhere between being a Tyrant or Rightful).

Morality is constantly changing, due to your decisions. You will change the Morality trait primarily by accomplishing objectives, but the adventures and political games also offer dozens of decisions which can change your Morality status.

Morality reflects possible gaming styles and unlocks various special content. Morality works like a kind of resource: players who reach certain milestones either on the Faith or Virtue axis get unique rewards, like new units or spells.

The morality of your central hero is always based on your choices and also has an effect on the different aspects of the mythology. You can make them a Tyrannical Christian lord, or turn them into him a devoted follower of the Old Faith or a ruthless monarch.

Your Morality can move between Old Faith and Christianity, and at the same time it can also be somewhere between Tyrant and Rightful. Your current Morality is represented by a white marker on the chart. Your decisions constantly change your Morality and unlock unique Units or Bonuses. If a reward is between two axes, you must reach the necessary rating on both axes to unlock it.