During the course of play your heroes may find artefacts at special locations across the lands of Britannia or on the bodies of fallen enemy champions, on the field of battle. Some of these can be equipped in the Army Inventory to boost certain abilities of the heros or units that now possess them. Others, more powerful artefacts can be used to forge special items.

In order to forge these items, descriptions of ancient and extremely powerful artifacts will be revealed during your adventures. By collecting and using these descriptions you can forge these unique artifacts. Just collect the required items and place them in the right slots. But if you don’t have the description, you can guess, as well…

Artifact forges are available on the Campaign Map: these are unique locations where you can craft your own magical items. On the right side of the screen there are 3 slots – this is where you put your artifacts. The slots determine the type and quality of your forged artifacts. The first slot determines the type of your future artifact, namely if it’s going to be a weapon, a ring or a banner. The items you put into the second and the third slot determine the attributes of the forged item. All three items in the three slots have an affect on how powerful the forged item will be: if you want a really powerful item, you have to sacrifice some of your best artifacts. After placing the items in the slots, click on the Forge button. By creating a new artifact, you lose the ones you have used in the forge.

You can use unique artifacts in the forge. If you place these special items in the second or the third slot, they grant unique effects on the forged item. These unique items cannot be used by themselves - they are more like special raw materials for the forges.

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